(Re)Discover, (Re)Connect and (Re)Define your motherhood journey

Being a fragment in your own life is NOT the cost of motherhood.

Exhaustion, frustration, & resentment does not need to define this season of motherhood.

You've been told that a 'good mother' sacrifices it all for her children. You have ignored your passion and your health. You feel like a stranger inside your body, berating her for being broken and weak.

What if you aren't weak at all? What if you have been asked to do an impossible job with little to no support. What if becoming a shadow in your own life ISNT the cost of motherhood?

What if you could feel Energized, Passionate & like yourself again?

What would that look like to you? How would that change your day? Your life?

In a world that tells you to do more with less support, I am here to tell you to simplify and get intentional about what matters most.

What Women Are Saying

'Amanda helped me reset my priorities and gave me tools to navigate this season by reconnecting and aligning with my values. I also learned so much about my body and my hormones and all of that new information helped me accept and love my body and myself.'

- Cassie Campbell

Available Courses

Navigate the Burnout

Running on fumes. A 'hot mess'. Distracted and resentful. One spilled coffee away from a total meltdown?

You want to have energy to play with your kids. You want to try new things, plan adventures, reconnect to your partner, but you're exhausted, overwhelmed and quite frankly, just all out of f*ks.

Nobody said motherhood would be so hard. Nobody warned you about the frustration, the anger, the resentment that comes with having to do it all.

You feel like you're doing it wrong, like your broken. But you're not! You HAVE just forgotten yourself along the way.

You cannot continue to do it all for others while becoming a shadow of yourself in the process. Your family needs to know YOU. They deserve to know who the woman is behind their mom. But before you can shine and get in touch with that amazing woman again, you have to Navigate the Burnout.

Today I Choose Daily Planner

The small daily choices we make have a significant impact on how we show up for ourselves and the people around us.  Use this daily planner to intentionally release the pressures and guilt, and show up for this one beautiful life.

All Things Hormones: Quick Reference Guide

We are taught NOTHING about our hormones and their amazing power. At BEST, we are told how to avoid pregnancy and hide our menses. And how many times have you heard ‘are you on your period?" when you show the slightest bit of emotion?! BAH!  

Now here's the thing, YES, our hormones can feel like a hot mess especially when we have no freakin clue how to support our body in her hormonal cycles.  BUT, we do not need to complicate it.  We can take simple, intentional action to help support our beautiful body in all her HORMONAL GLORY.

1:1 Application

I get it. I totally do. You have dreamed of being a mother and you are good at it! But why do you still feel like you are drowning? Why do you feel totally exhausted and frustrated at the end of the day? The kind of exhaustion that keeps you from the lifestyle you desire. The kind of frustration that leaves you short tempered and irritable with the ones you love the most.

You love your kiddos to the ends of the earth but you don’t feel like yourself, in fact you may not even recognize her if she walked in front of you. Instead, you feel: 

  • Exhausted and like a stranger in your own body
  • Unable to catch a minute for yourself
  • Over caffeinated and under appreciated
  • Guilty that you’re not doing enough even though you can’t remember the last time you had time for yourself … or peed alone?
  • Like a ‘hot mess’ and at the mercy of your hormones and mood swings.
  • Disconnected from the fun, adventurous, sassy woman you remember being

Motherhood requires sacrifice, absolutely, but contrary to what you have been told, it should not require you, as a woman, to disappear completely. You are worth more than the fragments of your own life. You are worth showing up for. 

Your role as a MOTHER is an aspect of who you are as a woman. 

Let your family see the WOMAN behind their amazing mother. 

Let's chat. Let me remind you of the woman you are BEFORE the world told you to neglect her.

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