Navigate the Burnout

Running on fumes. A 'hot mess'. Distracted and resentful.

One spilled coffee away from a total meltdown?

Your kids want your attention but all you can think about is how many hours until bedtime. You want to engage with them, ask them about their day and lay on the floor to play with them, but the never ending to-do list holds you back, telling them 'just give me 5 more minutes'.

You're exhausted and overwhelmed, short tempered with your partner. You want to reconnect with them but you're too exhausted to engage in anything more than a meaningless social media scroll at the end of the day.

You had your eye on joining a class and getting together with friends but it all sounds like more energy than you can muster.

You thought motherhood would be easier, but then you just assume it must just be you that finds it so hard. Maybe you're doing something wrong? Maybe this is just the cost of motherhood?!

When is the last time you laughed? Like full on belly-laughed? When is the last time you felt excited about something?  When is the last time you did something just for you, not because it checked off something on your checklist but because YOU wanted to? My goodness, when is the last time you just sat in peace to relish in a simple moment with a hot coffee?!

Everyone says it is the cost of motherhood but you didn't expect it to be so easy and yet so painful to lose yourself along the way.

The epitomy of motherhood is NOT to lose oneself completely, yet here you are, continuously sacrificing and losing yourself along the way. Motherhood requires sacrifice, absolutely, but it cannot be done to the detriment of who you are.

It's not laziness or a lack of will power and it definitely does not need to be the 'cost of motherhood'. It is BURNOUT.

You need to start showing up for yourself because the stressors are never going to go away, but your ability to show up for your own life will! And I'm going to be honest with you, while I do love a good massage, pedicure and glass of wine, the burnout runs so much deeper than that.


But what if? 

What if you actually showed up for yourself?  Not after everything and everyone else was attended to but instead, you actually put yourself on your own list? 

What if instead of blaming yourself for not being able to do more, you found ease to get more done while doing less?

What if you let go of the story that to be a good mother or woman means you have to lose yourself completely, put everyone else first and be content with the scraps?

When a woman forgets about how others perceive her and instead focuses on getting reacquainted with herself, THAT is the sweet spot where she shines.

It's not about doing more, because let's be real, no woman on this earth has time for more! It's about showing up AS YOU ARE instead of as the woman you have been told to be! Because guess what, the woman you have been told to be is likely one that is required to do more with less support, and to become a fraction of herself along the way.  Shine bright but not too bright, be helpful, be quiet, always put others first and if you really must take care of yourself then make sure it's contained to a 60minute pedicure.

I'm no longer willing to be a shadow in my own life! Are you?

I realized awhile ago that I cannot raise my two amazing daughters to be brave, audacious, adventurous, curious, and inspiring human beings that are daring enough to change this world, if I show up as less than I am. 

I am their example.  But more than that, I am a woman that deserves to live my one true beautiful life and I cannot do that when I am in burnout. I cannot inspire change and experience adventure when I am in overwhelm. And I refuse to live my life in constant overwhelm, frustration and stress. I want adventure and energy. I want to be excited and feel confident whether I'm navigating the grocery store or the many million random whirlwinds that come my way! 

So what if?

What if you took the chance to get reacquainted with yourself?

I know, you think you don't have time because the schedule is completely full of kids routines, practices, and commuting.  But that is why you need this course. You need to start being a part of your own day. You are encouraging everyone else to experience life to the fullest while simultaneously disappearing from your own.

I know you think you don't have the money, but the thing is, you keep filling your online shopping cart full of items that promise a reprieve, happiness, contentment or some magic solution to why the heck this feels so hard, but the reprieve never lasts.

I know you feel shame at admitting you are not doing ok.  Like you are somehow doing it wrong. But you're not doing it wrong and you're not broken.  You are brave. You are being asked to complete an impossible job, with limited to no support, in a world that asks you to disappear in acts of 'self-lessness'. Asking for help and wanting to show up for your life is the bravest thing you can do for yourself and your family.

This Group is For You if You …

  • Notice yourself trying to 'escape' or distract yourself away from the day with a mindless scroll
  • No longer enjoy the simple things or people you used to
  • Wake up and still feel exhausted
  • Want to crawl into bed and never leave
  • Want to cry when something unexpected happens
  • Feel like a 'shell' of yourself, half present to the day
  • Feel irritable and short-tempered, snapping at your kids
  • Struggle with the never-ending to-dos
  • Struggling to find motivation to do... well... anything.

This Group is for You if You Want To …

  • Have the energy to connect with your kids at the end of a long day.
  • Reconnect to your body instead of feeling like a stranger to it.
  • Stop feeling like an 'overwhelmed, hot mess' 
  • Feel grounded and present to the moments in front of you
  • Get rid of the never ending to-do list, 'shoulds' and mom-guilt
  • Reconnect to ‘that girl’ before it all ‘hit the fan.’

Testimonial: I am most looking forward to the future because I have learned some new tools that I know are simple to implement and helpful for me to deal with overwhelm and stress.

— Jamie Straker

In case you are debating with your head about what your heart really needs. Lets walk through a few more details.

Module 1: (Re)Define the Struggle- Mindfulness, what it actually is and why everything we have been told about it may actually be making things WORSE?! How to practice mindfulness through the challenges and move through the hard things rather than stay stuck. 

Module 2: (Re)Connect to Your Body- Hormone health, Infradian Rhthym & Breath- As women, our bodies and hormones are AH-Mazing but so often we fight them, ignore them, or suffer through our period and move on.  But what happens if we actually work WITH our hormones and breath, I mean, they are there for a reason right? This module will not only give you daily tools to help bring your hormones into balance and out of their stress response but also, provide you with information to USE your cycle and breath to optimize your routine and wellness goals! 

Module 3: (Re)Define Your Priorities- When we connect to our internal state, manage expectations & put in a few boundaries for our mental and physical health, things can change in the moment. 

Module 4: (Re)Define Your Passion- Tools to find joy and flush the stress- Our hormones are out of whack, our relationships are strained and we have more and more on our to-do list leading to less joy and more burnout.  This module will be 100% about getting that back on track. This is a topic that gets overlooked and forgotten when we are in the thick of it but it's not just about getting through the moment, we need to start pursuing joy & building up our resilience. 

What's Included?

  • Each module contains recorded training for you to dive into whenever is convenient for YOU
  • Application tools and prompts are provided to work through the content, ensuring your journey and healing is tailored to your unique needs and challenges.
  • ONGOING ACCESS!! You will have access to this course for as long as it is offered! So you can keep coming back to it ANYTIME.

This course is 100% created for you to take what you need, apply how you can, and leave the rest.  There is no bar or standard you are trying to achieve. This is YOUR unique life and journey. How refreshing is that? Let go of the comparison and start living in alignment with the woman you were meant to be.

Want to hear what other's think?

It’s obvious that Amanda studies and lives out the very tangible practices that she teaches. The benefits of being more mindful of my inputs, embracing play and stopping to breathe (and hydrate) have changed the tone in our home. Worth every penny.

— Bethany Kaposhi 

I loved learning about how our hormones change. Especially for when to use my creative skills for work and when to rest. I absolutely LOVE this. My stress levels are the best they have been in years.

— Estie V.

Let's do this my friend! I for one cannot wait to meet the amazing woman that you are!

6 Modules


Let's get to know each other and set the foundation. But first, Welcome!

(Re)Define the Struggle

The key isn't gratitude, it's learning how to grow through the struggle.

(Re)Connect to Your Body

When we (re)connect to our internal state, manage expectations & put in a few boundaries for our mental and physical health, things can change in the moment

(Re)Define Your Priorities

The problem isn't that you can not do it.  The problem is that you are doing it all for others and not saving any space for yourself.

(Re)Discover your Passion

This isn't one more thing to add to your list.  It's making sure that you find a little joy for yourself on your list.

Modules for this course 6
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